Modern landfill has long been an innovation leader. It was an early adopter of a double composite liner, use of geosynthetics and use of tire shreds (reused material) to replace stone (natural resource) in its liner system. Modern’s most noteworthy innovative project is its extraction of landfill gas and conversion to electricity and heat. The 4,000 cubic feet per minute of gas that is extracted from the landfill is piped to a 12MW capacity power station that supplies electricity equivalent to the amount used in 10,000 homes per year.

Modern’s recycling and trash collection operations aren’t shy about innovation either. The municipalities Modern serves have been early adopters in the region to use carts for recycling collection and they’re seeing recycling rates go up as a result. Every other week collection and implementation of truck technologies like automated arms that lift and dump carts using a joystick in the cab enable efficient, cost-effective collection. As an early adopter of compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles and GPS and routing software, Modern is reducing the carbon footprint of its fleet while maintaining its high quality service.